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Elder Scrolls Online Horns of the Reach has launched on PC/Mac on August 14th 2017, which introduces two new dungeons and is packed full of excitement. Although someone has met the bug of repair kit with v3.15 patch, you can still enjoy the wide range of improvements with cheap ESO gold from KWLGAME.

What is the bug in ESO v3.15 patch?

It was found that game crash may happen when using a repair kit to repair a worn item. One player said he could click on armour item to repair and select the repair kit, but could not initiate the repair on item. It is not only him who suffered the crash for several times, and this problem arises both with petty repair kit and greater repair kit. 
Someone said he had the same problem a few patches ago, and went around it by deleting ESO’s ShaderCache file before running repair. The file located in \Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live.


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