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WOW and Guild Wars 2

Author : kwlgame    Source : /www.kwlgame.com

If you compare with Guild Wars 2 with WOW , there must be so much to speak . We can not deny WOW is best game in the world if we just judge it from how many players in it . There are more than 5 millons fans on WOW facebook and comparing this point with Guild Wars 2 , the WOW is definitely perfect .
The most popular game is WOW . We can also compare how popular wow gold and gw2 gold is , the result is WOW will be also winner in this area . There is no doubt that Guild Wars does not give Guild Wars 2 enough support , so many people will ask why it is called Guild Wars 2 and where the Guild Wars is . So we can call Guild Wars 2 a brand new game . The WOW has published for around 10 years in game community , and the step of WOW has stamp on lots of fields such as brand , toys , books and so on . As for this , there will be long way for Guild Wars 2 to go .But there are lots of great features for Guild Wars 2 .
For example , you will never know how to control the Guild Wars 2 role in WOW , and actually controlling feature is better than WOW . That is what we can not deny . We also see how Guild Wars 2 team publicize their work . And the Guild Wars 2 PvP tournament is coming , which means Guild Wars 2 team start the step for another stair to make Guild Wars 2 cultural . I do not know how big the influence Guild Wars 2 PvP tournament is , but I know , Guild Wars 2 , will be more and more popular , and the guild wars 2 gold will be hotter and hotter soon .


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