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The policemen in Guild Wars 2

Author : kwlgame    Source : /www.kwlgame.com

If you are a fan , you will know who the plicemen that I refered in Guild Wars 2 , and if you are not a fan of Guild Wars 2 . I’d like to tell you all about it . Do you know the game master ? We call them GM , who always demonstrate the Guild Wars 2 and rule almost everything in Guild Wars 2 .
If you are a good Guild Wars 2 player and always behave yourself , you don’t need to be worried about it . If you are a gw2 gold farmer , and always do something that break rule of Guild Wars 2 . I strongly recommend you read this , and hope it helps .
What GM in Guild Wars 2 always do is forbide your Guild Wars 2 account , and if you meet this kind of problem , the first thing for you is think about yourself , whether you are a legit player . If yes , you will got a chance to get your account back . As for the players who break Guild Wars 2 rule , all you can do is give up your account . The behaviors like bot , guild wars 2 gold farmer , hack will be banned by GM permanently . It means you have to give up your account .
GM is the policement in Guild Wars 2 , they ban the players who break Guild Wars 2 rule , and help the players who need a hand . They also lead the players to a healthy , active environment in Guild Wars 2 .


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