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The engineer in Guild Wars 2

Author : kwlgame    Source : /www.kwlgame.com

If you think there are a lot of features in Guild Wars 2 ,you must be right. But if the features you talked about with engineer included, you must be a MMO master. I strongly recommend you guys to try this profession and it will bring you a new understanding of Guild Wars 2.
There is no doubt that engineer is brand new profession in Guild Wars 2 ,and comparing with Guild Wars, the engineer is totally new type. Also, comparing with other game, the profession like engineer has never turned up. Engineer is a type of profession that requires much gw2 gold, and also a profession that is most average. The engineer is good at attack and defend, and flexible like thief .
For weapons ,what they use most is gun, so many different gun. Comparing with other professions, their weapons are modern. The engineer is also a expensive profession, which requires much care and guild wars 2 gold. And if you have confidence to make it, why not getting it started?


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