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Guild wars 2 warriors

Author : kwlgame    Source : /www.kwlgame.com

Guild wars 2 has been constantly update, the game is becoming more and more fun . but as the constantly update, the game's price is soaring gw2 gold became less and less valuable. just make some better equipped to hundreds or even thousands of gold.
Today I introduce you to a professional to spend less this is warrior .warrior mainly relies on the strength and patience. on the battlefield, their role is mainly from the front . with his body against the enemy, let your DPS have enough output space. In my opinion warrior is the most important is defensive, not offensive. On this view . the importance of armor is far greater than weapons.
You know in this game weapons consumes much more guild wars 2 gold than armor with same level.But then again weapons are also very important for warrior because If you have a good weapon, it will give you bring a lot of damage this will help you the DPS reduce a lot of pressure . you will win more easily and be faster end of the battle.The role of the warrior is a very easy to use don't need a fast moving, also don't need to be flexible and positioning only need you to have a desire to win and a brave heart .


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