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Guild Wars 2 world completion

Author : kwlgame    Source : /www.kwlgame.com

If I tell that I have finished Guild Wars 2 whole world, and you can see the world completion is 100%,you must admire and wanna know how much time I have spent on it, what is more? You may also wanna know how much reward I have got from it, and whether the reward is, the gw2 gold or rare items?
But I am sorry for I actually have not finished yet, and I don't plan to get it done. The reason is, it is too hard. In my Guild Wars 2 social circle, I have never seen anyone who have finished it.
You have to spend much time finishing it, and always keep pace to Guild Wars 2.It is the most difficult for us, and you have to be patient or you will give it up. I think most of us have finished the first some maps, because it is actually easy and not much contain included. You must be confident when you finish the first some maps, and your confidence will be less and less when you see how big the continent is and there are something more interesting to do than map completion.
For the reasons above, so many of us just give it up.I can tell, there must be much profit from map completion.Unfortunately, few of us can enjoy it. Some people always ask and search how to farm guild wars 2 gold, the world completion is the way, but I just don't know whether you want to have a try.


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