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Guild Wars 2 the paradise for gold farmer

Author : kwlgame    Source : /www.kwlgame.com

If you know more about Guild Wars 2 or you think about the feature of Guild Wars 2 ,you must know Guild Wars 2 actually is the best place for gold farmers to some extent.
The reason why I said it is the paradise for gold farmers is the feature of Guild Wars 2 is really convenient for gw2 gold sending. Comparing with most of MMO, Guild Wars 2 servers are so many, but all servers are connected by game mail. In game mail, gold farmers can easily take the guild wars 2 gold in the mail and easily send to another server. It is really convenient for gold farmers, they can just create account in a server and the gold the product can be sent all server no matter US or EU.
What is more, the constant Guild wars 2 update also helps the gold farmers. New content always bring the brand new items, which makes the players want more gold. And it exactly give the motivation to the gold farmers. So far, Guild Wars 2 team is not that strict with the gold farmers.


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