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A lot of fun in Guild Wars 2 this summer

Author : kwlgame    Source : /www.kwlgame.com

We have passed another summer holiday , and this time it was special for Guild Wars 2 fans , because the summer holiday we just passed , the friend who accompany with us is Guild Wars 2 . Also , we spend much time with our friends in Guild Wars 2 . Now , it is time to go back to school .
It was somehow busy in the summer that we just passed , and we got much from Guild Wars 2 . We can’t deny the constant Guild Wars 2 updates have brought me a new feeling , whatever for original or the new Guild Wars 2 . I think you also were tired of farming gw2 gold . Now for students , there will be a new update to memorize the end of summer holiday .
For the further news , please go to Guild Wars 2 official site . What I want to talk about is the events for the brand new update . In this update , your role will got a exam in game , and this is the end of summer holiday , Guild Wars 2 will challenge you for some rounds , and you have to unlock new items to make your pass it . In exam , as the real life , you can’t cheat and do something bad . In Guild Wars 2 exam , you can’t buy gw2 gold insteading of do it yourself this time . Whatever what way you use , hope you guys enjoy Guild Wars 2 and your coming school life .


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