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4 parts in virtual business

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I think you don't need me to explain how important it is , if you know the process in virtual goods business . The virtual goods I refer here is the game currency , the gw2 gold , wow gold , and other game gold .
It is pointless to discuss whether it is legit , because all game currency sellers use the same suppliers , and provide the same service to all buyers . So , if you want to find something different among all sites , the price , the delivery time . But actually not much different except the price , which tells us that just go to the cheap and trusted site , that is enough .
Usually , we can divide game currency business into 5 parts . The privacy , completeness , reliability , and the buyer identity realness . The first 3 parts , privacy , means whether the site can protect the buyers information . The completeness , means whether the site is complete , including completed information and sale . The reliability , means whether the site is reliable , which includes the security , and site stability . The last one , buyer identity realness , requires the support from buyer . Let us talk about this .
We know that virtual goods is not under protected by the most common payment method , which makes it more important to pay attention to the buyers' identity realness . So , if you are a game currency buyer , you have to show that you are the real person . Example , you want to buy gw2 gold , then you have to prove your identity . The most common way is show your credit or driver license , or any card with your name on . Don't try to deal with your card , because how real it is , how better it will be .
If you finish your part , I think the site stuffs will be happy to finish your order at short time . Remember , what you need to do is one of 4 parts , and the rest parts will be in charge by the sellers .


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